Pusat Dialisis Nephrocare (Bukit Piatu)



No 15 & 17 Jalan BPM 14
Taman Bukit Piatu Mutiara
Bukit Piatu
75150 Melaka

Tel +606-292 5517

Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri

7.00am - 5.00pm

Tues, Thu, Sat

7.00am - 3.30pm

Clinic Features

  • Car Parking On-site
  • 6 Stations
  • Refreshment
  • TV & satellite TV channel
  • Holiday Dialysis

Where we are

Pusat Dialisis Nephrocare (Bukit Piatu) NephroCare (Bukit Piatu) is located within an easy 5 minute drive from Melaka Hospital. The dialysis clinic provides a comfortable environment for patients whilst as our nurses are focused on quality care for every patient.

What we offer

We offer 6 haemodialysis stations and cater for the specific needs of Hepatitis B patients. We provide satellite TV channel, light refreshments and on site car parking for patient comfort and convenience.

Funding Bodies

Panel of Funding Bodies eg. JPA, SOCSO, Veteran ATM

Your Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback on our clinic service, please click here.