On-line HDF with the award winning 5008 therapy system

5008 news

Therapy modality recently linked to impressive survival figures

In view of the recently published ESHOL study (Estudio de Supervivencia de Hemodiafitracion On-Line; On-Line Haemodiafiltration Survival Study) demonstrating that High Volume On-Line Hemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) therapy improves patients’ survival rate1, we would like to draw your attention towards our award winning 5008 therapy system.

At Fresenius Medical Care, we are committed to continuous improvement and development of new dialysis therapies and products that aim to meet the ever-changing challenges of dialysis therapy.

Cardiovascular disease is still the most common cause of mortality in HD patients. The finding that convective therapy techniques are associated with higher removal of mediators involved in inflammation, cytokine production and finally accelerated atherosclerosis2 led us to the development of the 5008 Therapy System – offering Online HDF – with easy handling and thoughtful use of dialysis-relevant resources. It is a highly integrated system, built for sustainable dialysis – today and in the future.

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