Watch Shahrul's Story: A future to look forward to

sharuls story

A young man's inspiring story about living a fulfilled life on dialysis

This video is about Shahrul - a young, active dialysis patient who learnt how to live a successful professional and private life whilst on dialysis.
Here is his story.


When Shahrul first discovered he required dialysis treatment, he feared he would be hooked to a machine for the rest of his life and the life he had led so far would be over. He even lost hope in the future of his professional and private life. But soon there was a turning point. Shahrul realised that with the help of dialysis, he was able to regain his mental and physical strength allowing him to continue his career, indulge in his hobbies and also perform his religious duties.

Nowadays, Shahrul is happily married and is looking forward to starting a family.

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