Acute Dialysis Products


Fresenius Medical Care offers a comprehensive range of acute haemodialysis options specifically designed to allow immediate access to reliable technology in life-threatening situations. These include a comprehensive product portfolio for successful continuous renal replacement and hybrid therapy modalities.

The 5008 therapy system

As the world's largest integrated provider of dialysis products and services, Fresenius Medical Care has set new safety standards with the 5008 therapy system. A key feature is the closed circuit, volumetric fluid balancing system with intelligent safety measures.

The introduction of the 5008 therapy system and all its individual components to ICUs facilitates optimised treatment delivery by minimising the need for excess tubing and manual operations. Key features include:

  • Centralised operation and information via a 15” LCD touch screen display
  • Extendable treatment time to 24 hours, if needed
  • Gentle dialysate flow rates from 100 ml/min upwards
  • User-friendly interface with machine assisted treatment set-up, operation, and trouble shooting

5008 therapy system

Extended daily diafiltration (EDD-f)

EDD-f is a hybrid therapy that delivers a gentle yet effective diffusive and convective treatment for patients with acute renal failure. Combining the advantages of conventional dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy, EDD-f further enhances renal replacement techniques in treating acute renal failure over an extended 6 – 10 hour period.

As part of our commitment to advancing acute dialysis therapies, Fresenius Medical Care continues to develop innovative treatment tools and promising new techniques that serve medical needs today and into the future. Key priorities include:

  • Reducing the need for anticoagulation1
  • Reducing clotting complications1,2
  • Improving patient mobility3
  • Generating ultrapure online dialysate and substitution solution
  • Reducing logistical and financial burdens3
  • Making high volume haemofiltration easier and more affordable3
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